Keep Your Eye’s On The Road With HUDWAY

What is HUDWAY Drive?

HUDWAY DRIVE is a portable head-up display for everyday commute. Basically, it consists of a body with a built-in projector, a transparent lens where the projection is taken to, and an operation engine that processes the data it wirelessly receives from the smartphone to further visualise them in front of the driver’s eyes.

  • Keeps you connected in a less-distracting way: directions, calls, notifications, or music info brought to HUD over Bluetooth while your phone stays in your pocket.
  • Works with your favorite apps: Google Maps, Waze, or any other app you want to use behind the wheel.
  • One-time quick setup: as easy as pairing a smartphone with earphones.
  • Designed to merge with your Tesla dash: the only head-up display device made specially for Tesla Model 3 & Y.

Designed to fit in any vehicle

HUDWAY Drive features a versatile design that looks good on any vehicle dashboard, and a thought-out mounting system. The device affixes to its dash mount using a slide-in lock, and the power cable plugs in the mount not in the device, which is why it’s now easier to take the device off and place it back.

A HUDWAY Drive custom modification designed specially for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. Apart from the differences in body design that help merge the device with the beautiful Tesla dashboard, this version features automatic lens opening when the device is powered on — which makes it even more practical, futuristic and exciting to use.

Aside from that, the functionality is the same as that of regular HUDWAY Drive model.

Behind The Wheel Of A Tesla
Behind The Wheel Of A Tesla