Margot Cirino at UnCorked Glens Falls Wine Shop


My name is Margot Cirino. I grew up in a small town in upstate New York.
I owned and operated a successful video store for 9 years and a successful wine store for 13 years with my husband Rich.
During that time Rich and I Visited hundreds of Wineries.
We loved the wine business so much that we started our own winery on Seneca Lake NY.
We enjoyed every minute of grape growing, wine making and spending time at the vineyards, meeting and socializing with the winemakers.
There We produced 3 vintages of Cabernet Franc, grown and bottled on Seneca Lake NY.
That wine earned a Silver at the Eastern International Wine Competition and a Gold at the Seneca Lake Whale Watch Competition.
Unfortunately we closed the store and discontinued producing wine in 2013.

Welcome To My Favorite Place. Stepping into the future of Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Vehicles.
Welcome To My Favorite Place.

Welcome To My Blog
Join Me On My Journey into the future.

I will share my journey as I travel to beautiful destinations.

Cruising Into The Future.
Tesla Charging Station Aviation Mall, Queensbury NY

I was also fascinated with futuristic TV Shows with cars like Kit from Night Rider or the Bat-mobile from Batman.

I never imagined these fantasy cars would become real.

I have always been interested in space travel .
Both of my parents were involved in the first mission to the Moon, helping to design and build the Saturn Rocket.

SpaceX Rocket Launch

I became very interested in future technology and space travel as a child watching the Jetsons or Star Trek.

Robots and Astronaut Working Together To Improve Space Travel
Making Friends With A.I.

Robotics has always been an interesting subject .

I have learned quite a bit from watching informative YouTube videos.
We watch and follow the technology from sites like MIT and Boston Dynamics. We also watch videos of Elon Musk and Tesla.

I will share links to recent articles, social media, podcasts and useful information on these topics.