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Attention: always check a car before buying it.

As the market for used cars is expected to be on the rise due to the pandemic and economic struggles coming with it, many car owners will be looking for the possibility to purchase a reliable vehicle for a reasonable price. 

When you are looking at buying a car, some things must be noticed in advance in order not to get a cat in the bag as the saying goes. So what are the necessary checks:

Vehicle History Report checks for:

  • Vehicle service history
  • Hidden damage report
  • Mileage rollback
  • Historical photos
  • Multiple owners
  • Theft records
  • Common faults of each model
  • Other useful information

Where Can All This information be found?

If you are thinking of purchasing the used vehicle from a dealer, the car will probably be checked already. But… There is always a “but.” 

Many car history reports are not user friendly and not full-scale, and if you are buying a car from Europe, there will likely be no data, or the report will be costly.  

After researching the market of car history reports, we stumbled upon carVertical.  

So here are some advantages worth mentioning:

1. A extensive database of damaged vehicles

CarVerticle maintain records on over 50 million vehicles reported to be damaged in different European countries and North America. CarVerticle updates their information constantly so that they can provide reports containing the latest and most relevant data on traffic accidents, vandalism cases or damage due to natural disasters.

2. A “one-stop-shop” report

As the majority of used cars are brought from foreign countries or different continents, it’s difficult to track the twists and turns in their history. So having all available data on a single comprehensive report helps save a lot of time and money.

3. Obtaining data directly from vehicles

CarVertical is known to be the world’s first provider of vehicle history reports receiving some of the data from vehicles in real-time. The information is more up-to-date and challenging to fake. Innovations drive transparency!

4. User-friendly information

What we like about the reports is that they do not contain glossaries. The information is clear and understandable, even for the people who are not automotive savvy. There are a lot of graphical solutions that give an instant picture of the vehicle’s condition.

5. Top-notch blockchain technology

CarVertical is a blockchain-based company, so their data is more difficult to fake, alter, or manipulate compared to the information kept in centralized databases. More trust, less worry.